Engaging Men in Jewish Life Through Leadership, Innovation and Community

A most sincere greeting to visitors.

The mission of the Temple Etz Chaim Men’s Club is to engage men in Jewish Life by helping them plant deep roots in our temple, our community, and our families. We strive to create an atmosphere of fellowship and belonging for our members and the community at large. These are not just words, but rather a goal of all members to make the TEC Men’s Club strong, vibrant, and constantly growing. As Men’s Club leaders, we take these words and thoughts seriously.

The TEC Men’s Club is open to all our temple members whether they are Jews by birth, Jews by choice, or simply exploring the options that Judaism has to offer. We are also open to all members of community who are interested in a Jewish Fellowship but may not be ready to join a synagogue.

The purpose of the Men’s Club is to help members develop strong ties to the temple and the community through giving, programming, volunteering, and attending events that benefit the club and the community. As an auxiliary organization of Temple Etz Chaim, the Men’s Club is committed to the strength, success and future of the synagogue and community. We do this by providing programs throughout the year designed to engage men, couples and families in temple life.


The Men’s Club provides several program series each year of which we are immensely proud. First and foremost is our Scholar-in-Residence (SIR) program. SIR brings scholars of Judaism and public concerns to TEC for an entire weekend of discussions, dissertations and learning. In addition, the Men’s Club also provides three to four Sunday Brunch Speakers throughout the year. Our brunches and SIR are open to the entire community. We contribute weekly to TEC by providing ushers and greeters for our Shabbat services to help TEC provide that warm and welcoming feeling that we are known for.

Each year the Men’s Club builds the communal Sukkah, provides materials and expertise to teach our sixth graders the meanings of Tefillin and how to use them, helps parents and children celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvot through gifts and special barbeque just for them, and several events for our membership that include both fun and learning. We partner with the Women of TEC each year to present a lay-led Shabbat experience, and we participate in the annual World-Wide-Wrap on the first Sunday morning in February. In addition, we provide Latkes to the entire community each year during the annual Hanukkah Candle Lighting ceremony.

There are many demands on your time, and it is our goal to make our programs meaningful and valuable. We strive to have an enjoyable activity each month, one that will provide camaraderie and fun to our members, their friends, and the entire TEC community. We value the friends we have made both in our club and throughout the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs. Our members have risen to many responsible positions in the FJMC including International President, Treasurer, and Regional President for the Western Region.

There are many ways to get involved in the Men’s Club from serving on the board to simply attending events and spending time with your friends. Whether you want to lead the club or just enjoy Men’s Club events, there is a place for you. We welcome all and look forward to meeting you and spending time with you.

Please watch the Temple publicity email blasts, the Men’s Club emails, and temple bulletins for information regarding our events. In this age of electronic communication, it is vital that we have your email address. If you do not receive our email announcements, please send your email address along with any questions, concerns, or program ideas to MensClub@templeetzchaim.org. Please feel free to contact us at any time and for any needs. We are always looking for new ideas and new talent. You can usually find a Men’s Club member at the temple. Simply look for the red kippot and by all means come up to us to say hello.

We look forward to meeting and greeting each and every member of the TEC family and the greater community.


Temple Etz Chaim Men's Club Leadership



Temple Etz Chaim is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism



The TEC Men's Club sponsors an annual weekend of learning with an invited speaker - the Scholar-In-Residence. This annual tradition has been with TEC since 2001. Below is a list of our previously invited guests:

2022         Rabbi Geoffrey Mitelman

2021          Rabbi Norman M. Cohen

2020          ---

2019          Rabbi Michael Uram

2018          Rabbi David Golinkin

2017          Dr. Daniel Matt

2016          Robert Silverman

2015          Dr. Richard Elliott Friedman

2014          Dr. Jonathan Adelman

2013          Rabbi Charles Simon

2012          Rabbi Elliot Dorff

2011          Rabbi Bradley Artson

2010          Dr. Judith Hauptman

2009          Dr. Stephen Berk

2008          Rabbi Michael Gold

2007          Dr. Gerald Schroeder

2006          Prof. Laurie Levenson

2005          Dr. Michael Berenbaum

2004          Dr. Leonard Felder

2003          Dr. Jonathan Sama

2002          Rabbi David Booth

2001          Rabbi Neal Weinberg



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