Community Garden

TEC’s Community Garden

Originally founded by in 2014, the TEC Community Garden has six 16 ft by 4 ft raised beds and raises fruits and vegetables that are donated to the Westminster Clinic. The Garden also has 14 trees, with a focus on Biblical fruit, including apple, orange, lemon, fig, pomegranate and olive. The Garden is a place of peace and tranquility for all Temple Members, and is available for the following:

  • Gardening: The Garden is always looking for gardeners.  Come Sunday mornings from 8am-11am and join our gardening crew by tending plants, pruning our trees, weeding, and maintaining the beds.  Harvesting takes place on Wednesdays, when the fruits of our labors are taken across the parking lot to the Westminster clinic.
  • RelaxationEnjoy a peaceful morning or afternoon on one of our Garden benches, along the Garden path, by the beds, or under the restful shade of a magnificent oak tree.  Relax with a coffee in a tranquil, sylvan environment literally one minute down the path.  Early for dropoff or pickup?  Come down and take a breather instead of waiting in your car.  For younger kids, enjoy the tire swing or the adventure of the bungee board!
  • Bird Watching: The Garden area is designated as a bird watching sanctuary by Conejo Audobon.  Birdsong is ubiquitous, and you can see everything from the swooping Cooper’s Hawk to the noisy Nuttail’s Woodpecker to the swift Anna’s Hummingbird.
  • Mitzvah Projects: The Garden was abandoned during the pandemic, but since then was revitalized and expanded by three B’Nai Mitzvah – Katia Lysobey, Adam Morgenstern and Jude Morris – who cleared fallen trees on the path leading into the Garden, installed a new 30 foot shade structure, constructed a 50-foot retaining wall and stairs, fixed benches, planted trees, installed new swings, and painted a giant, welcoming mural.  The Garden is a fantastic opportunity for B’Nai Mitzvah looking for a Mitzvah Project: come hear what opportunities exist or – for those like our most recent B’Nai Mitzvah – come dream up your own project and change the future of the Garden!
  • Educational Opportunity for Kids: Kids from kindergarten through high school are a regular part of our Garden Crew.  Children are full-fledged participants, learning about gardening and nature, taking responsibility for various projects, and engaging in fun activities that don’t involve screen-time.  There is a sense of wonder kids experience when they plant vegetables, tend the crops, and then see the impact fresh food can have on the less fortunate in our community.  Come get your hands dirty!
  • Ampitheater: The Garden Crew’s current project is to create an amphitheater off the path into the Garden, which would provide for three levels of seating in a natural amphitheater under shady trees.  We could use helpers – from 8-years-old to 80 – on Sunday mornings from 8:00 – 11:00 who would be willing to join with digging; moving gravel and key block; and creating retaining walls, stairs and seating.  Join in the fun and create another lasting legacy for TEC!