God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it. [Gen. 2:2].

Shabbat Services

Shabbat, a day of peace, a day of prayer, a day of greeting. Come join us on Friday evenings, as we welcome the Sabbath Bride, or on Saturday mornings, for study and prayer. Temple Etz Chaim offers a variety of Shabbat experiences. Led by Rabbi Averbach, our services are infused with music, spirituality and will bring joy to heart, mind and soul.

Our services are In-Person, but you can also join us virtually via Zoom. To join virtually, please follow our Live Streaming instructions here.

Kabbalat Shabbat

Congregational Service In-Person and Online. Every Friday evening you can welcome Shabbat with your Etz Chaim family. Shabbat evening services are always a great way to mark the transition from a busy work week. After services, we sanctify the day with something to eat or drink.

In addition to our traditional Friday evening Shabbat services, we offer several alternative services throughout the month. Please check our TEC Calendar for dates:

(SUMMER ONLY) Shabbat Under the Stars. During the summer months, we move our Kabbalat Shabbat services outside, where spirits can soar. Check our Calendar for more information.

Religious School Family Services Enhance the Shabbat experience for families with children in elementary and middle school. These family services, led by our Religious School staff and the Rabbi, emphasize family participation. Please check your Religious School calendar for the dates of these services.

Shabbat Dinners Several times a year, we delight in hosting dinners for the community. They are a wonderful way to start your Shabbat. Bring your family for Kiddush, Motzi and dinner. Enjoy a delicious Shabbat meal and stay for services later in the evening. Shabbat dinners are offered on many Friday evenings. Some Shabbat dinners are associated with special school events.

Shabbat Morning Services

Congregational Service In-Person and Online starts at 9:30 am every Saturday morning. Conducted by Rabbi Averbach, our Shabbat morning services will carry you into a peaceful week.