Primary Department

Primary Department (Grades K-2)

The primary grade curriculum (grades K-2) introduces students to basic Jewish heritage and traditions. Students are introduced to the Torah as a sacred document to the Jewish people. They learn that there is one G-d who is the creator of the world. Through stories, they learn about people in the Torah, biblical heroes, and values. Celebrating the holidays introduces them to Jewish history and ritual. They recognize prayers, ritual objects, and symbols associated with the holidays. Blessings over the wine, challah, and candles are recited each Sunday at a “Mock Shabbat.” Students begin to understand the importance of and can recite the Shema and Shecheyanu. Students learn about the synagogue, the roles of the Rabbi and Hazzan, and the importance of tzedakah and mitzvot. They begin Hebrew instruction by being able to recognize the Alef Bet and becoming familiar with the sounds of each letter.